5 things that shocked me after getting my real estate license

I got my California real estate license in Dec. 2021 after passing the state test – on the very first try might I add – and it was one of the most fulfilling days of my adult life. While looking down at my letter saying I passed, one of my initial thoughts was, “I’m done […]

Dee Powell of Quality Control Sports, Kam Brown & more talk Super Bowl and football

Original story: REVOLT Super Bowl weekend 2022. You just had to be there. Taking place in Los Angeles, California this year, the city attracted more entertainers and athletes than ever, as everyone wanted to experience the fun events the biggest NFL game of the year was bringing. One of the major occasions during the weekend […]

Real estate reality shows are for entertainment – remember that

What’s with all the new real estate shows? I mean, I watch them too, but damn… If you’re a reality TV fan like myself, I’m sure you’ve seen the surplus of different series that bring a spotlight to the glamorous side of the industry. Whether you’re glued to your TV while watching “Selling Sunset” and […]

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